Accessible Inclusion Matters, and because it does, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Disability Access Inclusion Planning

Assessing an organisations existing culture;
Access awareness workshops;
Community consultation;
Stakeholder surveys;
Plan development and lodgement with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Disability Access Auditing

Audit existing built facilities for compliance;
Emergency Evacuation Plans;
Provide report with options to make facilities compliant.

Compliant Architectural Design and Project Management

Design documentation and specifications compliant with Australian Codes and Standards;
Obtain certification where required;
Tender works and contract administration.

Staying at home - Assistance

Building maintenance;
General carpentry, painting, minor plumbing repairs;
Garden maintenance;
Rubbish removal;
Cleaning services;
Meal preparation;
Home nursing services;
Personal care services;
Buddy Respite care services.

Respite Accommodation

Respite home full services;
Respite holiday homes.


Workshops on legislative disability discrimination and access rights;
Australian Human Rights Discrimination complaint process;
Accessible equipment use;
Caring for someone;
The National Disability Insurance Scheme;
General health and wellbeing;
The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD);
Principles of Universal Design;
Compliance with Australian and International Disability Discrimination Legislation;
General access standards of facilities, equipment and services;
Workshops on Planning Against Disability Discrimination.

dvocacy Services

Instructing you about your legislative human rights;
Assisting you navigate statutory complaints processes;
Helping you with the different systems and options for pursuing formal complaints;
Attending meetings with you;
Making enquiries to Government and non-Government agencies with you and on your behalf with your consent;
Assisting you with documents with your consent.

Digital Solutions

Inclusive Technology;
Hearing Loops;
Alarm and monitoring systems;
Mobility Maps (Developing new ones for organisations);
Mobility Maps Mobile Devise Apps.

Domiciliary Equipment Service (please directly click on the link below)

Carer Gateway.

We welcome an enquiry from you about any of our services, or any services we do not, but should provide.
Please complete the contact form below, and someone will forward you information you need or contact
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