Accessible Inclusion Matters Australia Incorporated, is led by a board of up to 10 volunteers who are elected by AIM financial members at each annual general meeting. All Board members either have a disability or are a carer for someone who has a disability. The Executive Director reports to the Board, regarding the management of the organization. The Executive of the Board incorporates the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Executive Director reports at all such Board meetings, and Executive Staff are invited to meetings as necessary. There are a number of Sub-Committees which provide regular reports to each Board meeting. Financial Auditors are agreed at each AGM.
The Accessible Inclusion Matters Australia Incorporated, Executive Management Team

Dr Victoria Porter OB GYN - Executive Director. Dr Porter was an Obstetric Registrar at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK. After a tragic accident, she learnt to live with tailored prosthesis for her legs. She was also a consultant obstetrician-gynaecologist in Canada, Zimbabwe and Australia. After completing a Master in Health Management degree, she successfully undertook healthcare executive management positions before joining AIMA.

Sandra Eldridge - Director Corporate Services. Sandra is a Chartered Accountant, and previously worked for the Lloyds Banking Group and the Department of Administration and Finance for the World Health Organisation. After a major stroke, she manages a range of post-stroke paralysis symptoms.

David Stuart - Director Accessible Built Environs. David is an architect and building certifier, specalising in Universal Design and disability access. He was a consultant to the Masonic Homes organization for many years. He and his wife care for a daughter with Cerebral palsy.

Dr Samuel Coviac DNP - Director of Operations. Samuel is a Nurse Practitioner and was a Director of Nursing with the Ramsay Health Care Group. He has an important role assisting in the management of our Staying at home - Assistance services, our Respite Accommodation houses and our Education services. After a serious car crash, he is now restricted to a wheelchair.

Amanda Dawson - Director Volunteer Coordination. Amanda was a volunteer coordinator with Australian Volunteers International, and was a manager with the Australian Volunteers Program. She has also been a volunteer Coordinator with the St John organization. She says “her Parkinson’s disease makes her stronger”.

Hisa Yamane - Director Access Equipment. Hisa is an occupational therapist. She was a manager with the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program, and was heavily involved with the Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation service at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre. Because of CMV, she lives with severe hearing loss. As a result of this, she has gained NAATI Recognition as a Deaf Interpreter.

Daan Janssen - Director Disability Advocacy. Dan is a qualified solicitor and worked for many years with the Attorney-General's Department and with the Disability Information and Advocacy Service. He is also cares for his wife who has Alzheimer's disease and their son who has Down Syndrome.
Accessible Inclusion Matters Australia Incorporated
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